Thank you for your interest in partnering with Papé. Supporting the communities our members live and work in has always been paramount to the core of our organization. We believe that our communities should be treated like a bank – we need to invest more in them than we withdraw. Due to the number of annual requests Papé receives, the following guidelines are provided to help with the application process:

  • All requests must be submitted through this portal at least 90 days in advance
  • All requests must include an event participation form and / or an official document describing the event
  • All requests must include at least one (1) of the following:

    • Advertising / media plan
    • Hospitality and event exposure
    • Return on investment or cost-to-benefit ratio

After you have submitted your proposal, you will receive a response within four (4) weeks of submission. We look forward to learning more about you and your event. Thank you again!

  • Requests for multiple events or programs must be submitted separately, one at a time.
  • Requests must be made a minimum of 90 days in advance of print deadlines and/or the event or program start date.

Please keep in mind with the many requests we receive, we are unable to participate in every program even if your organization meets all the above criteria.