As the premier capital equipment provider in the West, Papé is committed to partnering with manufacturers who share our sustainability values. Our partners are at the forefront of sustainable equipment solutions, delivering quality products and service while minimizing their impact on the environment. Below are some examples of the ways our partners are increasing efficiency and contributing to the global effort towards sustainability in manufacturing.


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OneH2 is committed to providing holistic production, delivery, and monitoring solutions for zero-emission hydrogen fuel. Abundant and environmentally friendly, hydrogen is recognized as a readily available fuel source that can power forklifts, trucks, and industrial vehicles across industries. OneH2 is a vertically integrated company based in Longview, North Carolina, and is committed to providing scalable hydrogen solutions that save money and hinder toxic emissions.

OneH2 offers the following products and services to keep businesses safely hydrogen powered:

    Hydrogen Plants built to NFPA 2, NFPA 55, NFPA 79, ASME BPVC, CGA S1.3 & 5.5, CSA HGV 4 series (safety only), and ASME B31.3/31.12 safety and compliance standards

    Safe and durable Hydrogen Dispensers with a 15+ year life, built to NFPA 2, NFPA 79, and ASME B31.3 code compliance

    John Deere

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    John Deere is continuously reviewing its “Product Life Cycle Assessment,” which involves the examination of each stage of their products’ life cycles. They focus on identifying how they can increase sustainability while simultaneously maximizing performance and durability.

    John Deere is actively and strategically working to accomplish the following goals by 2022:

    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by using 50% renewable electricity and applying energy-efficient processes
    • Recycle 85% of total waste
    • Reduce the environmental impact, including CO2 emissions, of 90% of new products
    • Increase use of sustainable materials and rebuild sales by 30%

    Hyster® Yale®

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    By bringing electric power to their high-capacity trucks, Hyster® is helping customers reduce operation emissions, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs while boosting efficiency and uptime. Hyster® trucks are designed with regenerative brake systems, smart hydraulic systems and energy-efficient AC Traction motors, while offering an extended shift setting, weight reduction and increased drive-train efficiency.

    Yale Materials Handling Corporation has pioneered a movement toward environmental sustainability within the industry, from the clean, lithium-ion batteries that power their electric forklifts to the hydrogen fuel cells that make their lift trucks run. The results include fewer to zero emissions, zero battery maintenance, maximized efficiency, and support when meeting government and corporate sustainability standards. Yale is proud to have been recognized by the following eco-friendly organizations and/or awards:

    • Inbound Logistics Top 75 Green Supply Chain Products
    • Food Logistics Top Green Providers
    • SDCE Green Supply Chain Award

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    Ditch Witch

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    Ditch Witch, partnering with MetaFLO Technologies, produced SolidState 2 and SolidState 6 solidification reagents. These products streamline the solidification of drilling byproducts, allowing underground construction contractors to dispose of waste with greater efficiency, lower cost and decreased effect on the environment.


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    Kenworth’s Clean Power® no-idle system, which incorporates a sleeper air conditioning system and diesel fuel-power sleeper heater, was recognized in 2008 when Kenworth received the EPA Clean Air Excellence award. Kenworth was the first truck manufacturer to earn this award, demonstrating that they are truly industry leaders. This award also acknowledged Kenworth’s environmentally conscious T270 Class 6 and T370 Class 7 diesel-electric hybrids as well as T800 liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks.