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With more than 140 locations throughout the West, Papé is here to support your operations with new and used equipment sales, rentals, parts and service. We have dealerships in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona and Alaska to serve our customers in a variety of industries. Find the location nearest you by entering your zip code or using the map below and speak to an equipment expert today about your business needs.
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We carry new and used equipment for a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, drilling, forestry, material handling, warehousing, & more!


With the largest rental equipment fleet in the West, we’ve got you covered with all of your short- or long-term rental needs.


We have an extensive inventory of parts in stock for every model and a convenient customer portal where you can order parts online and have them delivered straight to you.


Whether you need preventative maintenance or quick field repairs, with our team of experienced technicians, your equipment is in good hands.


From warehouse automation to advanced grade control systems, the Papé team will keep your business in the loop on all the latest equipment technology.

Product Insights

With in-depth write-ups, customer interviews, equipment tutorials and much, much more; we want to be your go-to spot for industrial equipment news and information.
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