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At Papé, our roots reach back to 1938 when our founder, E.C. Papé, acquired his first capital equipment dealership in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. E.C Papé’s reputation for customer service and dependability spread, and the family-owned business began to grow and prosper.

Four generations later, Papé has become the leading supplier of construction, logging, material handling, landscaping, trenching, and farm equipment, as well as semi-trucks and warehouse products in the West. We make good on our commitment to increasing our partners’ uptime by providing them with end-to-end solutions. Whether you lead a major construction firm or a single-family farm, we care about your success and are here to help you get all the equipment you need in one place to grow and meet your goals.

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Papé Company Timeline

The Beginning

1938 – 1960

Papé’s legacy began in Oregon’s Willamette Valley in 1938, when our founder, E.C. Papé, arrived in Oregon to work alongside his friend at an Allis-Chalmers equipment dealership. Soon after, E.C. purchased his first company and word began to spread. The rest is history.

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A New Era

1960 – 1980

E.C. Papé’s sons, Dean and Ed, fostered a new era for the Papé company with increased innovation, expansion, and equipment offerings, marking the beginning of the company’s growth throughout the West.

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The New Generation

1980 – 2000

In the 1980s, the third generation of the Papé family took the reins, instating Randy Papé as CEO in 1981. This era in our company’s history saw the formation of the Papé Group, a family of companies that continues to grow strong today.

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2000 – 2010

The 2000s marked a period of rapid growth for the Papé Group, including the formation of Papé Machinery and Papé Kenworth, the expansion of the company’s footprint, and Papé’s dedication to providing end-to-end solutions to customers throughout the West.

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2010 - 2023

Today, Papé is more committed than ever to its foundational promise–to serve the West’s industries with consistent, quality customer service. Each new expansion, acquisition, and equipment line is an effort to deliver on that promise for our loyal customers.

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End-to-End Solutions

At Papé, we work across industries to bring you equipment, service, and solutions that maximize your uptime. Whether it’s agriculture, forestry, construction, or material handling, Papé is there for your business at every step in the supply chain. From field to factory and across the highways of the West, Papé provides end-to-end solutions that keep your business–and our region’s industries–thriving.

Keeps You Moving®

When you partner with Papé, you’re not just optimizing your equipment–you’re getting a team of dedicated service technicians on your side. Downtime can happen at any time, which is why our techs are always a phone call away, ready to meet you where you are with the parts and repairs that will get you running again. When end-to-end solutions are backed by excellent equipment and consistent, quality customer service, there’s no limit to what you can get done.