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Papé companies were founded on a principle of providing the highest level of customer service. H. Dean Papé referred to the Papé way as “consistent, quality customer service.” Do your best. And do your best consistently. As part of that commitment, our team members undergo hours of customer satisfaction training every year under the mantra “Am I treating the customer the way I would want to be treated?” It’s fairly simple. It’s guided us since 1938. And we know the principle will continue to drive us to new levels of excellence. To honor our commitment to the highest levels of customer service, we are posting some of the ideas that our very own team members have brainstormed. Feel free to use these ideas at your company.


Tip: Listen

It's usually easier to talk than it is to listen. Listening is difficult, but important. Many customers have issues and ideas - some good, some not so good - that they want addressed. If you just take the time to listen, you have already given the customer what they wanted. Anything beyond listening is just a bonus. If you listen and accomplish what the customer wants, they leave happy and are likely to return. You never know, a customer might plant an idea on how to better serve them and in turn might generate more business. Open your ears and give it a try.

Tip: Get it right the first time

Nothing says I don't care to a person more than mistakes on services requested.  If a customer has a request for a repair and has to keep coming back because it isn't done correctly, you lose their trust and eventually, their business.  By completing the task in an efficient and correct manner the first time, you show the customer their value, and it brings them back because they know, at Papé, things are done right the first time.

Tip: Provide good and quick service

Responsiveness is an important part of the quality of service you provide.  Think about it - after you've been standing at the counter being ignored for what seems to be forever, how does it feel when someone helps you?  While providing good, quality service is important, providing service in a timely fashion, respecting the time of your customer, is essential in exceeding a customer's expectations.

Tip: Say thank you - and mean it!

Each person who walks through the doors at Papé is a customer and is appreciated.  A sincere thank you goes a long way in showing each person they are valued and keeps them coming back.  Without our customers we have no business.  Thank each one with the sincerity you would like to hear as a customer.  Whether it's after the purchase of a part or a multi-thousand dollar piece of equipment, gratitude and appreciation goes a long way in bringing customers back.

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