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The men and women of Papé don’t have to be told their job. And they don’t need to be inspired or encouraged to do their best. It just comes with the territory. Papé employees are proud of their role in the West. They’re proud of the respect they get from neighbors and friends and they take pride in earning that respect from their customers and coworkers.



Kate Anderson Jerry Lightner


  Kate Anderson
Warranty Administrator, Papé Material Handling

Kate has been a part of many companies with Papé in her 20 year career.  She started out with Flightcraft in Seattle, then in Hayward.  She left the aeronautic side of the company for a trip to the corporate office in Eugene and now she is at home in Seattle with Material Handling.  Kate's German shorthaired pointer, Chip, accompanies her away from the office where they enjoy relaxing outside and watching movies together.

  Jerry Lightner
Shop Mechanic, Papé Material Handling

For more than 25 years Jerry has been turning wrenches at our Tigard shop. He came to the Northwest from Winchester, Virginia, after being stationed in San Francisco during the 70's. On the weekends he and a friend would drive up to Portland in their 70s 'Cuda for fun. "I just liked it here and decided to stay," he says. Now that he's settled down he enjoys collecting movies. With over 500 DVDs in his collection, he has just about every movie you can imagine.


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