Working with the Land Starts with the Right Equipment

As a fourth generation family-owned agribusiness, Papé knows what works for large farms doesn't always work for smaller operations. That’s why we have everything you need to keep you moving whether you’re a gardener in Hillsboro, Oregon or managing a 3,000 acre farm in Palouse, Washington.

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Have a Question?
  • Routine yard care becomes a smooth ride with a riding mower from John Deere Compact Equipment instead of a grueling afternoon?
  • If you’re gearing up for a larger job, like pulling in this season’s grain harvest, you can jump behind a John Deere T-Series or S-Series Combine.

Browse our wide selection of farming machinery and commercial trucks for everyone from dairy farmers to commercial landscapers. You’re guaranteed to receive consistent, quality service long after your purchase is made. 

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